domingo, 12 de janeiro de 2014

Welcome 2014, a lot of work to do!

**This post should have been posted last week, but shamefully, it was among the drafts, my mistake :-( **
I had a little vacation since 12/23/2014 until 01/01/2014 and it was so nice, I've been in Portugal and felt a little close to Brazil, my country :-)

Until now
While I was at the hotel, I was making small adjustments to the plugin, but without internet access, and a use case in which I had not thought about happened: what about the user is without internet access? That was my case and when I ran the program, it returned many errors.
My solution was not make the map available if the user is offiline. Thus, the program becomes more robust. I presented this solution to Parin and he suggested me that I should make the map avaible when the user is offline. And show the last user location. Parin also suggested me to take a look on the ChamplainFileCache, which I had relative performance. I take a look on gnome-maps's code and decide to use ChamplainMapSourceFactory. For now, when the user is offline, a map is shown, but  not the last user's location, yet. I spent a lot of time, searching and reading  to understand what must be done.

- Now the plugin allows the user to insert and remove markers.\o/
- I also made some fixes to install GTG properly.

To do soon
- Another suggestion from Parin: standardize the cursor to be a drag cursor and only turn the curser in a arrow when the user uses the mouse's right  button, to hold on the map or to make markers on the map.  
- Finish the problem to show the last location for the user when he is without internet acess.
- Integrate direct "tagging" with map's position (add a tag on a existing task)

See you in the next post!

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