domingo, 23 de fevereiro de 2014

We keep going!

Wow, a lot of time since my last post!
I entered in a more complicated part of my project and I was late. I wasn't having time for nothing.
I worked hard for try to come back to schedule and I'm there again. No delays. The good news is that I have more things to show to you now..
A lot of small improves in my code were done.

The lastest modifications that I did are (the more recent to more old):

1) user can set if he/she wants to use a filter for tasks

2) a refactoring in my code, to try to put a order over there.

 I spent 10 hour in it, but it worth it! Now, the code is more organized and clear :-)
With this, I finally resolve the Clutter Actor problem, with a big and simple help from #clutter.  The guy from #clutter said that probably is about ChamplainView, that already has a parent when I'm adding it to my stage or embed already has a parent when I add it to vbox_map. When I organized everything, I verified that sometimes, maybe I could be adding my ChamplainView to my stage when it already has a parent. This errors was gone. \o/

3) now we have a sidebar showing all tags, and user can filter task by clicking in tasks :-)

4) better than this, now the user can edit a tag, and more yet: the user can insert a location in a tag.

5) user can relate one or more tags to a location and edit the location's name

The sad part is I'm having problem with the "Cogl-WARNING **: X Error received while making drawable 0x02400009 " . It makes the map turn in a black image.

I don't know how to fix it, yet. I'm talking with people from #clutter and #gnome-hackers to try to find out why it's happening. I'm also studying the Cogl Reference Manual to understand more about it. It's in my to do list fix it until the end of my project :-)

That's it for now. If you have any question or would like to comment, please, do it! :-)
See ya!

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