terça-feira, 11 de março de 2014

The latest fixes in my project

1) The "Cogl-WARNING **: X Error: 

I believe that I have managed to solve the "Cogl-WARNING **: Error's X problem
I mentioned it in my last post. I was a annoying error that was turning the map a black screen image every time I was trying to open the map again.
Apparently, when you created a map and it was adding to vbox_map, it overwrote the map previously placed there (does that make sense? I don't have the knowledge to affirm it).
I've tried, in a shot in the dark, remove the map vbox_map when I close the dialog and apparently it solved the problem.

Click on image to see it bigger :-)

Now, I can open the map several times and this error doesn't is shown anymore :-)

2) Workview Filter now is filtering location in the right way

Workview is made to filter locations just if the user choose it. The problem was that filter was disappearing with all tasks from screen.
Here, when the filter is applied AND workview is activated, the locations are filtered according with distance.

If the workview is not activated, there's no filter.

When user unnaply filter, the workview could be activated or not, the filter doesn't work. 

3) Walking to the end of my project
Now, I have to do the last part: add a column with tasks, filtered by distance, according with the choose's user.
Let's go!

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