quarta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2013

So happy! I was accepted!

Good news!

On tuesday morning, I received an email from Marina Zhurakhinskaya telling that I was accepted to the Outreach Program for Women organized by the GNOME Foundation! It's so cool and I'm really happy with the possibility to work and to learn a lot during my internship period!
I would like to thanks my mentor, Parin Porechafor the great opportunity! I hope live up to his expectations and confidence that was placed in me.

What's my project is about?

My project is to add a plugin to provide "GeoLocalized Tasks" in "Getting Things GNOME". Wait a bit. Is this something new? No! GTG, a long time ago, had this functionality, however it has not been maintained for so long and is not even executable (besides the fact that was still using pyGtk). With the GTG port to Gtk3 came the necessity to rewrite the plugin and here I am :-) 
In this video, you can see the previous plugin working and it is, somehow, what I want to achieve until the end of the project.

Next Steps?

In next post I will talk about what I'm working in the scope of the project.:-)

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